SHADETREE:  All the events throughout history that have started or ended under a shade tree.  They are countless.  The ‘Shadetree’ could be a place to find comfort and rest.  Sign treaties, make love, contemplate life, hangout or, hang an outlaw.  A meeting place for travelers, saints, robbers, cowboys and indians.  A place to be married, buried or, have a picnic.  For myself, Shadetree is also a character.  A man.  His name was John ‘Shadetree’ Ivory.  A black man and a mechanic by trade.  ‘Shadetree’ cut out a life for himself and his family in a ‘white man’s’ oilfield town.  He was the real deal.  Cool and collected, great smile, and he could ‘fix’ a car, or anything with wheels.  When my old 62 Pontiac Grand Prix broke down, Shadetree fixed it.  He was a great man and so, there lies the story behind the title, ‘Shadetree.’

– dle


Feb, 22 2018
  • Thursday: 12:00 am

    show starts in: 48 mins from now
    Solo Buda Tavern/ 7-9p
Feb, 27 2018
“I see…and write music with…many talents in Our Fine City. I liked whatever it is you were calling it all last night…you aint exactly country, aint exactly folk, there’s some roots feelings going on… there are times your songs are so intimate,I am on the farm or ranch, and I can smell the cow shit that’s stuck in my boot,in between my toes,hear the chickens cluck, crows caw, cows moo, and a shaded porch with comfy chairs, and smooth whiskey to sip on.”